For sale :

2 pure bred KuneKune piglets

born  may 31th, 2017

1 male, 1 female

Ru (Grujot) x Rona (P├ępite/Posey)

Breeding pair

Boar Mahia Love,(Mahia Love X Rebecca Gina) ,DOB december 26th 2016, ginger & black

Gilt Rona ( Ru X Rona), DOB may 31th 2017, light ginger

AKKPS registered, microchip ID, certified DNA

Dewormed and vaccinated

They will be ready to go by august 1st, 2017

It is possible to make a reservation for a  boar or gilt.

$500 deposit (non refundable) will be asked, priority of choice according to deposit's date.

Piglets can be sent anywhere in Canada by plane