About Us

It was in february 2015 that we started raising KuneKune pigs, which are wonderful little creatures! To our surprise, they charmed us quickly with their almost human eyes, and their intensity of communication and interaction with us. They are incredibly affectionate and curious. Their intelligence is almost bewildering...

We are particularly proud to contribute to somewhat the reintroduction of this breed, originally from New Zealand, which was only recently imported to America. We are very proud to be the first Kune Kune pigs breeder in Québec, and motivated in seeing this small companion more widely raised. As soon as you come to see one of our Kune Kune, we are certain that you will also fall in love with them instantly!

The Kune Kune pigs lend themselves perfectly to our breeding philosophy, meaning, by respecting the wellbeing of the animal (no cages,no closed building, and no commercial fattening system) ... and their welfare is obviously our happiness! Because we operate at a small scale, we really have the time needed to interact with the animals and respect their own pace during care. In addition, outdoor rearing definitely brings as much benefits to the farmers as to the animals!

It is also essential for us to produce without growth hormones or preventive antibiotics (although a sick animal can be treated with antibiotics), thus avoiding, or at least and minimizing the use of corn and commercial feed. Not that all this is bad, but they are sometimes composed of ingredients that are not part of the natural diet of these animals. In our humble opinion, the freedom of the animal, and to offer him an environnnemnt that allows him to express his very nature is as important, if not surpassing the mere use of natural feed. Combining the two methods would be the perfect world, we're working on that! At this time, our beef is organic and free range.

The pigs are also highly contribuing to the improvement of our old meadows or fallow areas by performing for us (and without diesel) natural tillage while fertilizing at the same time. Our hens complement the work, allowing us to replant after their passage. In addition, the same hens provide eggs that are appreciated by both the pigs and their owners!

The hay that is grown at our farm is composed of non-GMO varieties, which enables us to graze and to prepare dry hay reserves for the winter, in order to supply firstly our breeding Kune Kune pigs, but also our cows, our donkey and our pony. We also raise, more seasonally, Berkshire pigs, chickens, turkeys and goats ... and all without the use of hormones or antibiotics.

Ultimately, we dream of being able to work the earth and our hay land with our ponies and donkeys the old fashion way... but we’re at the beginning of this chapter....