Green Heritage Farming.

Our farm “La Brouette” is located in the Eastern Townships, near the magnificent Mont Ham, in Ham Sud, Québec. We are in the mountains, in a setting composed of old meadows and woodlands that are gradually renewed.

We raise a small amount of Kune Kune pigs, cattle and laying hens. In 2016, we are starting Berkshire and Large Black pigs, also raised on pasture.

We grow ancient or indigen species for pleasure.

We produce our own hay (without GMOs or chemicals) to feed on one hand our breeding pigs KuneKune but also our cows, our donkey and our pony. We also raise, more seasonally, chickens, turkeys, goats ... and all without the use of hormones or antibiotics.
All our animals are raised in freedom!

We have at heart the fair value of heritage breeds of livestock and we adhere to promote a respectful relationship between the earth and the animals we choose to breed.